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The Fast of the Apostles, observed from the sundown of the Sunday of All Saints (the Sunday after Pentecost) through June 28th, is a cherished period of fasting in the Orthodox Christian Church. This fast honors the Holy Apostles and their tireless work in establishing the early Church, spreading the Gospel of Christ across the world.

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The Significance of the Fast

The Fast of the Holy Apostles dates back to the early days of the Church, when the faithful would prepare themselves through fasting to celebrate the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29th. The primary goal of this fast is to emulate the dedication, sacrifice, and missionary zeal of the Apostles. It serves as a period for Orthodox Christians to deepen their faith, engage in repentance, and recommit to spreading the Good News, just as the Apostles did.

General Rules of the Fast

During this fast, Orthodox Christians are encouraged to abstain from meat and dairy products. Shellfish, wine, and olive oil are typically allowed except on Wednesdays and Fridays, which are observed with stricter fasting, in accordance with the traditional fasting discipline of the Church. The faithful approach these dietary restrictions with a spirit of willingness, viewing them as an opportunity for spiritual growth and bodily discipline.

Suggested Prayers

Throughout the fast, Orthodox Christians are encouraged to increase their prayer life, seeking the intercession of the Holy Apostles for strength and guidance in their own missionary endeavors. Participating in the Divine Liturgy and engaging in personal prayers are central to this fasting period.

The Fast of the Holy Apostles is a time for Orthodox Christians to reflect on the sacrifices and contributions of the Apostles, seeking to embody their unwavering faith and commitment to Christ. It is an opportunity for spiritual growth, renewal, and a rekindling of the missionary spirit within the heart of every believer.


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